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Meet Mickie Giacomini

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O. Michele Giacomini (pen name)



"The Budget Queen of Marketing"


Marketing Mentor/Author/Multi-Business Owner/Success Coach/Video Podcast Host/Award-winning Educator/Realtor/Keynote Speaker

Mickie Giacomini, the Director of Communications & Marketing of Dragonfly Ranch LLC, founded the business in the early 1990s, when it began as Giacomini Consulting Group. Mickie has a vast skillset in a multitude of areas, and people often wonder why.  Simply put, Mickie was identified at the age of 8 as a mentally gifted minor (aka GATE these days). This means she has a widespan of aptitudes & interests, in which she excels in time and time again. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Masters degree in Business Administration and an enthusiastic nature to be both a lifelong learner and a productivity junkie, Mickie is able to harness these "super powers" to help others succeed. She lives by the personal creed: We rise when we elevate others. Further, she unashamedly shares she is a WHOO Girl through and through (We Help Others Own it)!

About 8 years into building her thriving PR agency, Mickie was bit by the education bug, and had an epiphany that she could make a bigger difference in the world by teaching and inspiring students. She quickly discovered that life as a teacher meant a HUGE cut in pay, so she continued over the course of 22 years to supplement her education income with PR/Marketing projects.  Mickie was barely into teaching before she was winning awards for her achievement, and quickly became a strong educational leader, advancing her education career to site principal and then finally merging both worlds as a Director of Communications (Marketing) & Community Relations.  During this time she authored and published 5 books, including one on DIY Marketing, and taught a number of courses for Sierra College's adult ed program...most popular is her DIY Marketing for Beginners course. With over 17 years of Public & Media Relations experience, & 22+ years in education, she brings her strong marketing strategies, her project management skills and her undeniable energy to the table to support each and every client.

While Mickie is adept in multiple areas, her specialty is teaching others how to Market/Promote their small business, start-ups, services, products, books, non-profits and speaking events on a No to Low Marketing Budget.  This doesn't make her very popular with other marketing professionals in the industry, because she teaches trade strategies to her students/clients, but, she believes in sharing how to incorporate strategies to maximize exposure on a bare bones budget so that you, too, can promote yourself for pennies (and leave the heavy lifting for the professionals, IF you need it)!

For a brief glance at some of Mickie's work over the past 3 decades, please check out the following:



Author- 5 published books


Featured Author: BookTrib


A few various articles:

Sacramento Lifestyles Magazine: page 16 







Sacramento Lifestyles Magazine: page 28


OTHER LINKS TO A FEW OF THE HUNDREDS OF MICKIE'S PUBLISHED ARTICLES:  (Article no longer there, but one passage still survives--write article for Jamie Oliver) Page 14 Page 34 Page 18

chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/ Page 12 


Also wrote for:

Sacramento Union

Elk Grove Citizen

Countless media placements as a Media Specialist for many clients


Speaking Events-Numerous!

More recent--Headliner for Smashing Success Summit

Mostly Motivational Speaking, Professional Development Trainings, and Video Podcasts



  • California Association of Collectors-PR/Magazine Editor

  • CCAIArchitects-Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Antelope Youth Tennis Association-Executive Director

  • Arts Council of Placer County-Marketing Director

  • Anderson Environmental Engineer Consulting

  • Various School Districts 

  • Ringling Bros

  • Feld Entertainment

  • Sacramento County: Recycled Oil Campaign

  • Sierra Nevada Alliance-Marketing Training

  • Town of Truckee-Marketing Training

  • Auburn Home Shows-Marketing Training

  • KSF Photography-Marketing Training

  • Silverworks Health-Marketing Consultant, website

  • Big Spoon Yogurt-Marketing Consultant

  • Flooring USA, LLC-Marketing Training

  • Environmental Engineers & Lawyers-Media placement

  • Nice Kitty Productions-Marketing Training

  • Kiera’s Art & Framing-Marketing Training

  • Carmen’s Soaps & Bath Bombs-Marketing Training

  • Rogue & Regalia-Marketing Training

  • Rockin’ Rodeo Mom-Marketing Training

  • New Phase of Life-Marketing Training

  • Time Robbins Mountain Guide Expedition-Marketing Training & Logo Design

  • Daugherty Realtor-Marketing Training



Horizon Charter School-



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Alison Garcia-Horizon Charter Schools Director of Operations and HR

Lezley Holmes-Horizon Charter Schools Director of Special Education


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