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Do you know someone struggling to promote their business or themselves these days?

Hey there!

We are definitely living through some turbulent times right now, and if you or someone you know, is a small business, a start-up, an author, a speaker or even a non-profit, chance are it's VERY scary!

First of all, I cannot stress enough, PLEASE patronize your local small businesses as much as you can right now! Buy your friend's book, book a keynote speaker for an online event, grab take out or get delivery from a local restaurant, etc., and together we can stay in motion during the COVID commotion!

At DRC, we took action to help others by waiving our 1:1 initial consultation fees and adding an additional session of our signature program (plus, we slashed the price from $597 to $99): DIY Marketing for Beginners-Maximizing your Marketing on a Minimal Budget. This newly added session begins THIS week, on April 23. It's online and students may participate LIVE or watch a replay at their convenience. EVEN MORE, we added a PAID REFERRAL PROGRAM, so that we can help those who need to make some extra money right now! All you need to do is post & email out the link to the class, with the graphic, and be sure people register with YOU as their referral, and you will get a $20US kickback for each paid participant! (You must be able to accept PayPal or VENMO to be eligible). It's ridiculously easy, and your friends and followers will thank you for it! This class is LOADED with info. My former students will tell you that I don't just sprinkle information in, I load them up!!! So if you, or your friends have ever contemplated taking the class, this is the time! It may never be offered for this reduced rate again! SO HURRY AND GET POSTING!!!

Recently we had some great guests for Let's Talk Shop!

  • Dawn Lawver, from The Dawn of Organization, join us to share how we an attain a successful mindset, even during the COVID shelter-in-place, by getting organized!

  • Tina Rae Ball, Mindful Parenting Expert, shared phenomenal tips for how to be successful while cooped up with our kids for COVID.


  • Stephanie Werner, from Arbonne, shared how they are helping nurses with care packages and how her side hustle saved her sanity!

  • Next up, one of our favorite guests is returning! Deanna Irish will share how having two small businesses can be better than one large business, to keep you going during unexpected times (like COVID)!

Check them all out here at the Let's Talk Shop Video Vault or catch replay of the Watch Party on the Let's Talk Shop Facebook page!

We have a few more episodes before we take our Summer hiatus, and present our Smashing Success (BUSINESS) Summit at the end of May, so stay tuned!

Early Bird Registration happening NOW! Grab your link to this online event before we start promoting! They are limited and they will go fast!

Hoping you all Stay Healthy, Stay Positive & Stay Home (as much as you possibly can)!

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