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Launch your New Year Successfully!

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Success Tips with Megan & Darcy during their interview on Let's Talk Shop

We sat down and chatted with Megan and Darcy about positive mindset and setting intentions in order to achieve success.

Some of you have heard the stories others may have not:

  • Megan's new 20/20 Challenge beginning Jan. 6, 2020

  • Darcy's tips on becoming mindful of your intentions and determining your goals

  • Hard wiring your brain for positivity & success to reach your goals, regardless of what they are

Check out the video for Megan & Darcy's responses to these topics and more, and share us with your friends and family. Here's the link: (Or simply forward this post)!


Let’s Talk Shop is a video show presented by Dragonfly Ranch Success Consulting and hosted by Success Coach, Mickie Giacomini. This show promotes others, their businesses and their tips for success.

Follow Let’s Talk Shop on Facebook and check out the other Success Videos, on Dragonfly Ranch Success Consulting's You Tube Channel. (Be sure to subscribe, while you are there)!

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