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Meet the Owner

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O. Michele Giacomini



"The Budget Queen of Marketing"


Marketing Mentor/Author/Multi-Business Owner/Success Coach/Video Podcast Host/Award-winning Educator

Co-owner, Mickie Giacomini is the founder and Director for Dragonfly Ranch Consulting. With over 17 years of Public & Media Relations experience, & 22+ years in education, she brings her strong marketing strategies, her project management skills and her undeniable energy to the table to support each and every client.

While Mickie is adept in multiple areas, her specialty is teaching others how to Market/Promote their small business, start-ups, services, products, books, non-profits and speaking events on a No to Low Marketing Budget.  This doesn't make her very popular with other marketing professionals in the industry, because she teaches trade strategies to her students/clients, but, she believes in sharing how to incorporate strategies to maximize exposure on a bare bones budget so that you, too, can promote yourself for pennies (and leave the heavy lifting for the professionals, IF you need it)!

As a "Promoter of People" Mickie seeks multiple ways to helps others:

  • She offers an exclusive Intermediate DIY Marketing course, on an Invite Only basis. (Due to exclusivity, you will not see this course advertised on the site)

Have an area you need help with?  Want more information about her books or other businesses?

Email us today to let us know how we can help you!

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