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Mickie's Off Market Property List

Please note, sometimes these properties move super fast, and I only update status bi-weekly

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WHat I bring to the table Is like no other realtor

Check out some of the Off Market & Other Special Properties I am working on.

While some realtors are off "networking" on the golf course, you can find me and my team reaching out to prospective sellers, to find Off Market homes and land they are willing to sell behind the scenes.

I do a LOT of Off Market work, and specialize in bringing buyers ad sellers together to come to agreeable terms...and I do all the paperwork to help everyone save money and time all around.

I work on deals across the United States and in Quintano Roo, Mexico. 

How do I do it? Simple. While I am very much "hands on," I have bulit a team of trusted Showing Agents all over these regions to help my clients see properties that are of interest to them.

See a property you are interested in? Let us know right away so we can set up a time for you to visit...before these properties are scooped up by someone else!!!

Greater Sacramento Area | USA | Mexico & More


Whether you need assistance in California, across the USA or even in another country, reach out to me and my team today!

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