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Declining Boomer Ownership Will Free Up 9.2 Million Homes by 2035, Freddie Mac Says

Wow! Did you know this?

Freddie Mac anticipates a decline in baby boomers’ homeownership, potentially freeing up 9.2 million homes by 2035 and reshaping the housing market. Demand from younger generations is expected to offset the decline in boomer homeownership.

In a recent article by Aruni Soni, in Business Insider,these interesting outcomes were mentioned:

  • Declining boomer ownership will free up 9.2 million homes by 2035, a Freddie Mac report found.

  • The 32 million homes owned by boomers will drop to 23 million by 2035, when the oldest members of the group are pushing 90.

  • Homeownership rates "gradually starting to decline as households age beyond age 75," the report said.

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