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G.R.E.A.T. Talks with Mickie: Feng Shui the Right Way

Updated: Mar 20

In this episode of GREAT Talks with Mickie, she interviews Feng Shui Expert, Veronica Montinola to help viewers learn what Feng Shui is and why it is important for a home and necessary to do it the right way!

Why is a REALTOR® posting about Feng Shui? 🤔

As local experts, it’s our business to know the best solutions in town to make our clients feel more at home. And LSP Feng Shui is definitely the best at doing Feng Shui the right way for you and your home! 💯

Here’s a few reasons why we love Life's Simple Pleasures (LSP) Feng Shui:

💪 Veronica Montinola works seriously hard to provide the best service possible

🏡 She's a consultant dedicated to building up people and their living environments

🤩 And she treats Giacomini Real Estate clients like total rockstars

Message us for a personal recommendation, or contact Life's Simple Pleasures Feng Shui directly and tell them we sent you!


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