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Is Landlording Really for You? Part 2 New Security Deposit Limits-Effective July 1st

Updated: Apr 1

Passive income is usually the goal when it comes to renting out property...but it does come with many caveats.

Many rental property owners are choosing to sell their properties right now...why?

So many reasons...but here are the top 4 I am seeing:

NOT CASH FLOWING-You are spenign more on the property than you are bringing in

LOW INVENTORY-With such low inventory out there, many owners are finding this to be an advantageious time to sell their properties and get top dollar for them

STRESSFUL-(Ok, this is MY personal one and the reason I am considering selling my own rentals)


I recently attended a Risk Management Meeting to learn about the new Tenant Laws going into effect this year. It doesn't look good for personal take -- laws are heavily favoring tenants.

Check it out! This information was directly shared with us at this meeting, by the California Association of Realtors:

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