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JUNE: Top Home Maintenance Tips from Mick

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

We are already well in to June and there are so many things we should be doing to maintain our homes! Check out my top tips for June home maintenance below:

TIP # 1: Empty any standing water around the house...both inside and out.

Why? MOSQUITOS! YIKES! We want to keep them from using the water as a breeding rid that opportunity fast!

TIP #2: Reorganize your kitchen.

Summer months often brings out different types of cooking. (Think grilling and salads, etc.) This is a great time to get the panty and your cupboards reorganized.

TIP # 3: Install screen doors

Keep the bugs out when you stay in! And if you install solar screening, you get the added bonus of reducing the heat!

TIP #4: Hang your clothes out on the line.

By using the warm sun to dry your clothing, you can save money and energy, and you gotta love that sun-dried scent!

TIP#5: Check play equipment for safety

Winter can sometimes damage play equipment...and sometimes the safety issue can be black widow spiders who have decided to move in! EEEK!

TIP #6: Check sprinklers, irrigation & hoses weekly

The summer heat can do a number on sprinklers, hoses and even your irrigation. Whether it's the weather or simply extra use, it is important to inspect weekly to be sure all is working properly.

TIP #7: Dust ceiling fans and air-conditioning units

A good cleaning is important so that these must needed "appliances" can work most efficiently during the summer months. Besides, who wants to breathe in that extra dust?

TIP #8: Clean-out and declutter the garage or storage unit

Before the weather becomes too unbearable, this is the time to get everything in order!

TIP #9: Be sure you've switched your ceiling fans to summer-mode!

This really does work and who doesn't want to be even cooler during the hottest months of the year? It only takes a moment to flick that switch!


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