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Mick's Mid-Summer Home Maintenance Tips!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Summer is in full-force and when that happens, it's time to be sure we have our mid-summer maintance tasks checked off!

Let' get started!

  • Clean off your outside lights

  • Scrub your decks

  • Get your pool sparkling clean!

  • Drain your water heater

  • Clean the gaskets in your washer

  • Look for areas that need sealing with caulk

  • Clean & Maintain Bathroom Exhaust Fans

  • Prune bushes, plants and dead limbs

  • Deep Clean Carpets--for faster drying time

  • Give your home an electrical safety check up

  • Inspect basement and crawl spaces for moisture

  • Inspect your window sceens for repairs...we don't want pesky pests getting in

  • Inspect your roof before the weather changes!


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