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Navigating Property Sales During Times of Distress: A Helpful Checklist

Checklist for Selling a Property:

Preparing Your Home for Sale

  • Declutter and Clean: Remove personal items and clean thoroughly.

  • Repairs: Fix any minor issues (leaky taps, creaky doors).

  • Staging: Arrange furniture to maximize space.

  • Curb Appeal: Tidy up the garden or front yard.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

  • Research: Look for agents with experience in divorce-related sales.

  • Interviews: Meet with a few agents to find a good fit.

  • Check References: Ask for and contact past clients.

Setting the Right Price

  • Market Analysis: Have your agent conduct a comparative market analysis.

  • Consideration: Think about your timeline and financial goals.

Handling Offers and Negotiations

  • Review Offers: Evaluate each offer carefully.

  • Negotiation Strategy: Discuss with your agent the best approach to take.

  • Decision Making: Keep your goals and needs in mind when making decisions.

(This checklist provides a structured approach to help individuals prepare and navigate the process of selling a property during a divorce or death of a loved one.)

I specialize in helping people handle their distress sales--life unexpectancies an be stressful enough, and I step in and step up to be boots on the groud to organize the overwheling aspects of selling a property during these times. I have teammates all over the country and in other coutries too, please do not be shy---reach out to me today and I an help you find the right realtor to assist you)! ~Mickie Giacomini

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