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Things to Consider Before Downsizing your Home [Free Booklet]

Not sure about you, but my husband and I once decided to downsize, right after we became Empty Nesters. YIKES! What a mistake!!! Lucky for us, it was another one of our live-in fixers we planned to flip...but boy was it SMALL! We cutdown TOO MUCH, and it becase miserable for us when the kids came to visit.

So we revaluated what we were looking for once we were ready to out our flip on the market...and it was DEFINITELY for a bit more square footage. But everybody is different. What works for us, doesn't work for others, and visa versa.

Here is a FREE booklet I have to help you with some of the considerations to think about before you downsize. (I sure wish I had this before we did)! LOL! Enjoy, and please reach out to me with questions and let me know how I may help you and your downsizing friends!

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