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Wanna be in? Bring a Friend! IT'S FREE, FUN & PHENOMENAL!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Hello there!

While events around the world are being cancelled left and right, we are inviting YOU to ours! Our LIVE virtual event is set to bring positive messages to all who attend.

On behalf of all the Success Speakers for our upcoming Success Speaker Summit on March 28 at 9am PST, we are encouraging you to secure one of the last link-ins for this incredible event, and to invite your friends. LET'S SPEND THE DAY SPREADING POSITIVITY!!! YAY!

We hope you are as excited as we are for this uplifting event. PLUS!!!, we would like to REWARD you for attending, too!

We have six (6) success speakers for this event and many have provided a reward for our FREEBIE VAULT. This vault is loaded with extra special FREE tips and shared information for Health, Wealth & Success Go-Getters, like YOU!

Want to access the Freebie Vault? Here’s how:

Get 5 or more friends to register for the event. They will add YOUR NAME as their referral in the NOTES FOR PRESENTER on the registration form. When you get 5 or more registered participants, YOU will be sent a link for FREEBIE VAULT!

That’s not all! We are also giving away a GRAND PRIZE for the person who gets the most friends registered.*

So REGISTER & SHARE this link today! (or send your friends here for further details:

We look forward to rewarding you!!!

See you at the event! (After you register, please watch for your special VIP access link to arrive during the week of the event--it will be coming from Dragonfly Ranch Consulting).

*Minimum 25 registered participants

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