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What's Up with Real Estate this Week? June 9

Even more new this week:

NEW EPISODE: LET'S TALK SHOP REAL ESTATE & MORE: Grants & Other Loan Assistance Programs

This week on Let's Talk Shop Real Estate & More, I was joined by Loan Officer, Melanie Overmoe. We shared information with viewers on different programs out there that potential home buyers may be eligible for to by a home. Some don't even need to be paid back!!! For a replay of the episode go here:

Other Events:

Greater Sacramento Concert Series Line-up

Check out the summer concerts/shows coming up! There are definitely some good ones!!!!


It's Doggone Hot! 6 Signs You Need to Replace Your AC As with any mechanical system in your home, an HVAC system has a lifespan that must be considered. If any of the next conditions are present, it is likely time to consult with an HVAC firm: 1) Age - If an HVAC system is more than 10 years old it could be time to begin budgeting for a new unit. Many modern systems last 12 - 14 years with good maintenance. It's good to keep the age in mind so you can identify when it starts to fail. 2) Longer or Constant Running Times - A properly working system will quickly cool your home and then turn off. A system that is turning on repeatedly or having to run for a while until the set temperature is reached could be nearing the end of its utility. 3) Odd Noises - Groaning or loud humming noises should be addressed. While these noises may indicate that individual components need maintenance or replacement, they could also be a symptom of age and the system nearing the end of its life. 4) Frequent Repair Visits - If you are on a first-name basis with the AC repairman because of multiple visits, indicate you may need to buy a new system. 5) Higher Bills - Experiencing sticker shock when you review your gas or electric bills during the summer months indicates the system isn't working efficiently and might need to be replaced 6) Poor Indoor Air Quality - If your home is dusty or humid o if allergies have cropped up out of nowhere, this could indicate a poorly working AC system. Your HVAC system is vital for keeping indoor environments comfortable and safe. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about your HVAC or any other home items. BOOK INSPECTION with Tim Coddington 800-285-3001 BPG Inspections


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