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Estate Planning Series* (2 of 7): Account for the Needs of your Family

Once you have your inventory together, you’ll have a better idea of what is in your estate, so then you will need to think about how to protect the assets and your family once you’re gone.

WRITE A WILL-If you do not have one, put one together—you can contact an Estate Attorney to help you with this or even create one on-line. (Handwritten wills may not be enough or even valid in your state)

BE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH LIFE INSURANCE-How much do you need? That depends on factors such as if you are married or if your lifestyle requires a dual income. Life insurance is super important for those individuals who have dependent children.

HAVE CHILDREN? NAME A GUARDIAN-If you have children, it is important to name a guardian and a back-up guardian, just in case, when writing your will. This can help prevent disputes in family court (which could drain your estate assets)


This article is meant to provide background information and should not be considered legal guidance.

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