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🚒🚒🚒What's Up with Real Estate this Week? July 21

🚒Do you know someone having issues getting/keeping fire insurance?

How may of you have discussed fire insurance with friends, family, neighbors, etc. over the past couple of weeks? It's a hot topic!

Check out this week's "Great Talks" podcast episode all about fire insurance! Great info, so feel free to share!!! (See below)

Also, please see that the June/July Market Reports are available now too!


How to Get (& Keep) Fire Insurance

Insurance carriers are leaving the state in droves. For many, they are getting non-renewed OR their rates have risen dramatically. In this episode we cover the reasons for this and tips on how to get and KEEP your fire insurance!

Mid-Summer Home Maintenance Tips from Mick

Don't defer maintenance on your home.

Now is ALWAYS the time to keep you home in tip top shape!


Check out the mart reports for neighborhoods all over the Greater Sacramento Area.

How to NOT Get Scammed as a Victim of Wildfire

Fires are devastating enough, but to add more insult to injury, there are scammers out there preying up the victims of these horrible situations. Take time to check out this resource to learn how NOT to be their next mark!

How to Prepare for Flood, Mudslide or Other Insurance Claims Related to Wildfire

When it comes to the devastation of wild fires, it is important to know how to prepare for insurace claims that are realted to the loss of your home due to wild fires.

Check out these top tips to prepare, and let's hope you never have to use them!

How to Fire-Harden your Home

Did you know embers are the most dangerous part of a wildfire? Carried by the wind, they can land directly

on your home and ignite it, even when the full blaze seems to be a safe distance away.

Check out these top tips to fire-harden your home now.

How to Get (or KEEP) Fire Insurance

Many homeowners all over California are struggling with getting fire insurance OR keeping it! Check out these resources to help!

Fire Insurance: The New Moratorium Explained

Did you know there is a one year moratorium for fire insurance? Don't know what that means? Learn more about why this is so important:

Other Events:

Greater Sacramento Concert Series Line-up

Check out the summer concerts/shows coming up! There are definitely some good ones!!!!

A special thank you to BECKY WUDELL AGAIN!!!! for her recent referrals. Becky has been referring me to people she is affliated with on Facebook. I appreciate it and I am never too busy to help your friends and family.


FOR FIRE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS contact Denise Triplett Mobile: 916-660-6189 | Office: 916-652-0404 Text:471-2382

Hebard Insurance Solutions

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Loomis, CA 95650

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