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Wildfires and Fire Insurance: The Topic of the Season

With nearly 500,000 California homes worth a combined $268 billion under serious risk from wildfires, and the issue growing more acute with each passing year, insurance companies are ramping up prices or outright refusing to renew policies in fire-prone areas.

Over the next several weeks, I will be providing some important resources and covering topics that are crucial for homeowners, real estate investors and renters alike.

5 Topics that are import to consider when it comes to Wildfires and living in a fire-prone region are:

1) How to Find (or Keep) Fire Insurance

2) The New One-Year Non-Renewal Moratorium: What it is and what's involved

3) How to Fire-harden your Home

4) How to Prepare for Flood, Mudslide or Other Claims Related to Wildfires

5) How to Protect yourself from Scam Artists following Fire Damage


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